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Zola's Drop of Lemon

SKU 01


About: Zola is quite possibly the sassiest goat on the farm. She picks who she wants to be around, when she wants to be around them, struts when others walk, and has to carefully calculate whether treats meet her standards. With so much pure sassiness we decided to make her bar as boujee as possible.


Fragrance: Zola's drop of Lemon has a potent lemon scent, varied with lemon grass, sugar, and lemon peel to perfectly elevate the classic lemon aroma. Now complete with a mild poppy seed exfoliant to perfectly scrub away any dead skin without being harsh.

This bar is beyond refreshing and an absolute fan favorite!


Weight: All of our bars are handmade meaning they will vary in weight from bar to bar. All of our bars weigh approximately 4 oz


Please Note: Because our bars are made without harsh chemicals and preservatives, they naturally dissolve in water. Make sure to keep the bar of soap as dry as possible in between washes to ensure the longest use of the bar.


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