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Perfect Insanity



About: For every bar bought $1 will be donated to Perfect Insanity Farm and Rescue. They are a local animal sanctuary that we work very closely with. The team at Perfect Insanity does an amazing job at taking care of every animal given to them and allowing those animals to have a second chance at a new life.


Fragrance: This bar has a beautiful sweet orange and sriracha scent. It uses the sugary aroma of the orange combined with a savory twang of the sriracha to create a smooth and tasteful balance of perfect insanity! This bar is ideal for anyone who wants to start their day balanced, energized, and guilt-free!


Weight: All of our bars are handmade meaning they will vary in weight from bar to bar. All of our bars weigh approximately 4 oz


Please Note: Because our bars are made without harsh chemicals and preservatives, they naturally dissolve in water. Make sure to keep the bar of soap as dry as possible in between washes to ensure the longest use of the bar.


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