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Muenster's Stolen Pencil



About: Muenster is our goofiest goat on the farm, he's our Peter Pan. Even though he's just about the biggest goat on the farm, he acts as if he's still small enough to fit in my lap.


Fragrance: We wanted his bar to be masculine but still retain qualities of Muenster's goofiness so we made his bar full of fun, goofy, green shapes but scented it with a musky cypress, fir, spice, incense, saffron, and plum scent!


Weight: All of our bars are handmade meaning they will vary in weight from bar to bar. All of our bars weigh approximately 4 oz


Please Note: Because our bars are made without harsh chemicals and preservatives, they naturally dissolve in water. Make sure to keep the bar of soap as dry as possible in between washes to ensure the longest use of the bar.


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