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About: Manchego "Manny" is the big man of the farm. He has given us gorgeous babies for several seasons in a row. They are loving and cuddly and most of them share the big black spot on his nose and bright blue eyes. If GQ was Goats Quarterly magazine he would be on every cover. He looks good and he knows it. His featured story would say he had all the girlfriends, never misses a meal and his best friend is Spanky the Quarter Horse.


Fragrance: This bar has top notes of eucalyptus and ocean, middle notes of lavender and sage, and base notes of cedar, amber, and cypress. This bar has a wonderfully polished masculine scent that is light, and sharp.


Weight: All of our bars are handmade meaning they will minorly vary in weight from bar to bar. All of our bars weigh approximately 4 oz


Please Note: Because our bars are made without harsh chemicals and preservatives, they naturally dissolve in water. Make sure to keep the bar of soap as dry as possible in between washes to ensure the longest use of the bar.


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